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Farm Bar is a Midwestern Craft Bar specializing in local, good food and drink.

Socially Conscious. Seasonally Sourced. Local Provisions.


Like all ventures we undertake, we try and save as much of the old as we possibly can. Our goal with Farm Bar was to bring some Heartland into the space. Our Bar Top is Black Walnut from our Farm (Brown Dog Farm) in Wisconsin.

We removed a large portion of the original “Worlds Fair” back bar from Wellingtons Tavern and stored it whilst construction was underway. We then put it back together piece by piece and added old beer crates as a functional design element. The hutch at the end of the bar which holds our glassware was found in the garage out back and placed with minimum change-it has drawers named after the original owners! Thanks Joe and Jim!! The light fixtures over the bar are salvaged from the old Finkel Steel mill which was torn down last year. They were used to hold nuts and bolts. We even found an old Chandelier in the garage which we fixed and hung much to our delight. We kept the brass Draft Beer tower and turned it into a chandelier-it should be going above the door very soon! We saved all of the banquet seating  from Wellingtons and recovered the seats only.

We are very proud of the fact that a major portion of our build-out was done with salvaged materials.

Our goal – and Chef Eric Mansavage’s goal – at Farm Bar  is to to be “Honest to the Heartland” with craft beer and fare from the best purveyors in the Midwest.

We change our menu Seasonally. Please check directly with Farm Bar for the most up to date menus.

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